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Join us for a run/walk training program commencing May 25th and help us continue our mission of Stamping Out SIDS.

This year, River Waddell, the inspiration behind River’s Gift, should be turning 9 years old and we invite you to join us in honouring his birthday on Sunday 5th July. 

River was alive for just 128 days, but what a legacy he has created.

How do I get involved?

  • Get moving on our own, in a couple or group (keeping social distance!!),  or with your family
  • Train for a 2km, 5km or 10km run/walk (Or accumulate 128km over 6 weeks)
  • Training program created by professional running coach, Matt Daniels
  • Complete your 2km/5km/10km run/walk or final km’s (128km accumulation over 6 weeks, if you’ve chosen this option) anytime on Sunday July 5th
  • Send us a photo with your hand on your heart – a well-known vision throughout the River’s Gift family – thinking of River and all of those babies who have lost their lives tragically, suddenly and unexpectedly
  • We would love to share your photo on our social media
  • Send through Facebook, Instagram or to
  • Share on your own social media page #RiversGiftSTAMPathon #STAMPathon #RiversGift #StampingOutSIDS

Want to help us raise awareness as you train? Why not purchase a River’s Gift t-shirt as you register for STAMPathon!

Adults unisex $30 / Kids $25

How to measure:

Choose your favourite running/exercise t-shirt and lay the garment flat on the floor. Measure from underarm to underarm. This will give you the 1/2 chest measurement.

Download these images to use on your social platform, to show your incredible support in Stamping Out SIDS…don’t forget to use our combination of hashtags in your social posts! #STAMPathon #RiversGiftSTAMPathon #RiversGift #StampingOutSIDS

Scroll through a selection of images below. Click here to download all files.

Consider supporting River’s Gift in our mission of Stamping Out SIDS, by donating.

River’s Gift..

* Funds world leading SIDS research with $70,000 recently dedicated to a genetic study at The University of Adelaide
* Provides research based education for parents, parents to be, grandparents and health professionals on Safe sleep and SIDS
* Enables other SIDS families to have a platform to honour their own child through supported fundraising events, friendships…and an element of hope for the future