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SOOIV Raise over $16,000

State of Origin IV (SOOIV), between the Glebe Greyhounds and the Ocean Grove Cobras was held at Jubilee Oval on Sunday 3 July in Glebe, NSW.

We thank both teams for their committment to River’s Gift.  We asked both teams to share some of their reasons why they support us each year.

Aaron White – Ocean Grove Cobras JAFC Vice President

What does it mean to you and your family to be involved in the annual SOO event?

Being part of an event like this means so much to my family and we know the impact of SIDS and feel that if we can be supporting this great tradition being so inclusive of the kids having fun and raising money for such a worthy cause then we are all for it!

How determined are you to retain the trophy next year?!

We need to remember this is all in the name of fun …. BUT we intend on leaving the trophy in its rightful home here in Ocean Grove and in early discussions for a parents game next year which we also intend to win!

What is it about River’s Gift that means the most to you?

The strength shown by everyone from River’s Gift is such an inspiration for myself, having young children myself., being able to help out in a small way to help educate and support parents means the world to me.

Simon Tracy – Glebe JAFC President

What does it mean to you and your family to be involved in the annual SOO event?

When the State of Origin idea first came up it seemed like a great opportunity to take the kids away for the weekend to play footy and have some fun, but once we hooked into the Rivers Gift relationship it gave the whole concept a focus and a purpose that has really driven it beyond just the footy. When you consider that two community clubs can come together and unite behind such an important cause raising the money that we have, and all from volunteers and kids footy, it’s a pretty incredible thing to be part of.

How determined are you to win the trophy back next year?!

You know, the footy aspect is almost secondary to the fund raising we do for Rivers Gift… almost. At Glebe Greyhounds we love being part of the State of Origin, supporting Rivers Gift  and all the new friendships we’ve made with the awesome Cobras crew, great people and a great club. But it really hurt when they narrowly won here in Sydney recently (it was only 7 games to nil) and they took the trophy on it’s journey back to Ocean Grove. It’s coming home to Glebe next year, you mark my words.

What is it about River’s Gift that means the most to you?

Each year we’ve run State of Origin Karl speaks to the players before each game to tell River’s story and why SIDs research is so important, and it never fails to to hit home emotionally, and I’ve heard it a lot of times. The research Rivers Gift supports is having a tangible effect on reducing the number of babies that fall victim to SIDs every year, whether through sleep safety or research in genetics, it’s incredible to see the progress being made.