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State of Origin – Donate to River’s Gift

They call it State of Origin, but when NSW Glebe Greyhounds play Victorian rivals, Ocean Grove Cobras, in their annual AFL junior football carnival, it’s about more than football. It’s about bringing two interstate communities together, made up of 370 children and their families, to share in a weekend of sporting competition and fun, and raise vital funds and awareness for River’s Gift.

Donate to our campaign and help us achieve our fundraising target of $40,000!


Event History

This is a story of two interstate AFL communities coming together! Seven years ago, in early 2017, two old schoolmates from Geelong, Cain and Harvey, sat around a campfire in southern NSW. They came up with the idea of organising a game of ‘State of Origin’ AFL football between their sons’ junior footy teams – one based in Sydney, NSW and the other in Ocean Grove, Victoria.

As the idea began to build momentum and things start to take shape, they figured that they’d like to align the initiative with a charitable cause. Both Cain and Harvey were schoolmates with Karl all those years ago, and so River’s Gift immediately came to mind and seemed a natural fit. Cain and his wife, Matilda, had experienced child loss in 2004, and despite not losing their daughter to SIDS, River’s Gift and Karl’s story resonated closely with them.

The choice of charity to align with was set – the interstate ‘State of Origin’ would align with River’s Gift and raise funds to help drive SIDS research and safe sleep education. The concept was born, with Cain and Harvey driving the planning and activity to bring it to life! In the July of 2017, twenty young kids ventured south from Sydney to wintery Ocean Grove, to play in the inaugural match. Ocean Grove took out the coveted trophy. But just as importantly, two interstate communities had come together to share in a weekend of family fun, laughter and sporting competition.

Look forward seven years and this annual event has become a movement in itself, with both clubs alternating the hosting rights! This weekend, over two days, the inner Sydney suburb of Glebe will host the highly anticipated 6th hosting of the ‘State of Origin’ (SOOVI). The carnival of footy will bring together 370 talented young male and female AFL footballers, aged between 7 and 16, from the Ocean Grove Cobras (VIC) and the Glebe Greyhounds (NSW).

All funds raised over the weekend, through business sponsorship and community donations, will fund the charitable pursuits of River’s Gift and the mission of Stamping Out SIDS!