At River’s Gift, we’re driven in advocating for continued development and improvement in the fields of scientific SIDS research and safe sleep education – to ensure babies lives aren’t compromised in sleep.


Our advocacy model is based on the following principles:

  • Developing and maintaining our position and reputation as Australia’s leading SIDS (and SUDI) specific organisation.
  • Driving scientific SIDS research across the globe, by way of funding and promotion.
  • Being committed to delivering infant safe sleep education to health professionals and community, to ensure the safest possible environment for infants in sleep.
  • Representing the voice of the bereaved community who have experienced the loss of a baby suddenly and unexpectedly in sleep.
  • Maintaining regular engagement and influence with key stakeholders in the healthcare, science research and education industries, to ensure progressive development and delivery.
  • Being committed to ensuring information and resources are available across a variety of platforms at all times.
  • Maintaining and evaluating our strong relationships with relevant industry groups.
Hope the Elephant

Hope the Elephant

River’s Gift’s mascot is our big blue, cuddly and friendly “Hope the Elephant”. She helps us to raise awareness and promote our message of Stamping Out SIDS, particularly at community days, school fairs, tradeshows and on stage with the beloved children’s band, The Mik Maks. You can access your copy of the Hope the Elephant song, performed by The Mik Maks, here.

When it came the time to choose a mascot for River’s Gift, back in 2013, a friend asked Alex and Karl (River’s parents) whether River ever had a favourite soft toy or teddy. Ah hah, of course! River had a soft elephant toy during his short little life, so it was there and then that the mascot choice was made in an instant, and the seed of creation for Hope the Elephant was sown.

To bring a little bit of Hope into your home, you can purchase your very own Hope the Elephant replica soft toy via our shop.