Your opportunity to 'give back'

Volunteering with a charity and making a difference to people’s lives in your local community comes with a great deal of empowerment and satisfaction.

River’s Gift offer people the opportunity to “give back” in a way that may not be related to your paid work.

River’s Gift volunteers have the opportunity to assist us at one of our numerous fundraising events in the community. Previous skills, experience and qualifications aren’t a requirement and we welcome all members of the community to contribute to our organisation and make a difference.

“We heard about River’s Gift and were fortunate enough to meet River’s parents, the co-founders of the organisation. We saw their incredible passion and energy to do all they possibly can to raise awareness and funds to support research to one day see the end of SIDS. Becoming a volunteer to help at events and fundraising has been our small way of making a contribution and we really enjoy it” – Paul and Karen

As a regulatory requirement and as part of our operational policy, River’s Gift undertake both a Police Check and a Working with Children Check on all of our volunteers. River’s Gift cover the costs associated with these checks.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for River’s Gift and we’d love to hear from you!