Our Research

World leading SIDS research

River’s Gift fund world leading research that will one day see the eradication of SIDS.

River’s Gift International and National SIDS Collaborations.

Since 2014 River’s Gift has provided research funding and collaborative support to the following organisations:

  • Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • Harvard Medical School.
  • The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health – Melbourne (FINMH).
  • The University of Adelaide.

What is River’s Gift funding?

The research River’s Gift has funded may assist scientists to begin understanding of the underlying physiological and genetic mechanisms resulting in a SIDS death, and the development of neuro-diagnostic methods to allow the identification of infants who may have a vulnerability to SIDS.

River’s Gift has also funded the training of scientists in the field of SIDS, assisting to sustain Australia’s profile in the world of research and provide a local point of contact for expert knowledge and information.

With your help, we can do this! Let’s work together in Stamping Out SIDS.

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