Your support will help save babies lives

Your support in fundraising for River’s Gift will help save the lives of infants.

No family should have to suffer the loss of an infant. River’s Gift rely on the support of community to fund our SIDS research and safe sleep education initiatives. There are many ways that you can support us:

Fundraise for us

Would you like to organise a fundraising event in support of SIDS research and SIDS and Safe Sleep education? It’s easy, and we’re here to help you. Email with your fundraising idea; we would love to support you!

Donate in Memory

Create a fundraising page in memory of your loved one – Email and we will create this page for you!

Attend An Event

We run fundraising events in several states across Australia, including our popular Gala Balls and Community Golf Days. View our News and Events page to see more. Take a look at one of our Gala’s!

Donate to Celebrate

Have you considered creating a donations page to mark the anniversary of your loved one? Or, instead of receiving Christmas, birthday or anniversary gifts, create a fundraising page to raise funds for River’s Gift. Call us on 1300 RivGift to learn more.

Shop with us

All profits support our mission of Stamping Out SIDS. Your support helps us fund and drive our research and education, in turn helping us eradicate this terrifying syndrome. Click here to head to our shop!

River’s “Angel Anniversary”

Each year we honour River’s “Angel Anniversary” on the closest work day to the 7th November. Shine blue with us in 2023 and join our dedicated fundraising campaign to raise awareness and funds, so we can strive for our goal of a world without SIDS. Register here and we will provide you with more information on how to participate and get involved.

Download ‘Neverland‘ in honour of River here.