River’s Gift are thankful for the loyal support of our brand ambassadors, who are the recognised media faces of our charity.

Megan Gale

Megan is one of Australia’s most recognised, loved and trusted personalities. A multi-faceted talent – model, actress, designer, TV personality, brand ambassador – Megan’s career has now spanned over two decades. Megan has an exceptionally broad audience appeal across a diversity of ages, genders, socio demographic profiles, interests and lifestyles.

Megan Gale Official Website

Cameron Ling

Cameron, affectionately known as ‘Lingy’, is a former Australian rules footballer and captain of the Geelong Football Club in the AFL.  Nowadays, Lingy is a familiar face on television screens across the country, plying his craft as a successful AFL commentator with Channel 7. As a devoted husband and father of 3 young boys, Cameron has worked with us for a number of years to promote our charity and engage with our supporters, both in person and through social media.

The Mik Maks

The Mik Maks, a leading Australian children’s band, have supported River’s Gift for many years, and worked creatively to write a song titled ‘Hope the Elephant’, successfully launched in August 2018.

“As a band of brothers we take great pride in helping spread the River’s Gift message to our young audiences while performing this song around the country”.

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