Monthly Donation

Do your bit to help save babies lives

Becoming a monthly donor will make a tangible difference to the work that River’s Gift does.

Our monthly donors provide us with a regular source of funding which enables us to plan and deliver our research funding and educational programs to parents and health professionals.

How does it work?
It’s easy! Each month we will debit your credit card or bank account with the amount you specify. You can increase, decrease or cancel your donation at any time by contacting us or your bank.

Where do I begin?
To set up a monthly donation, click here: I want to help!
If you would prefer to set up a direct debit from your bank account, please email us.

What does your donation support?

River’s Gift fund word leading SIDS research and infant safe sleep education for parents, and health professionals and caregivers.

Our Mission…

River’s Gift is dedicated to ensuring all babies are safe whilst they sleep and supporting bereaved families.

We do this by:

Educating parents, health professionals and caregivers around infant safe sleep practices and SIDS.

Funding world leading scientific SIDS research.

Creating a platform of support and action for families touched by a SIDS loss.