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Giving Hope this EOFY $128 for 128

July 2, 2023

$128 for 128: Giving Hope, Funding Research, Changing Lives for River’s 12th birthday this EOFY.

River was on this earth for 128 days and the 2nd July marks his 12th birthday. This campaign is dedicated to the memory of River, encouraging 128 generous donors to contribute $128 each before the end of the financial year. Together we can make a significant impact in the fight against SIDS and support the invaluable work we do at River’s Gift.

The purpose of the “128 for 128” campaign is twofold: to honour River’s memory and by encouraging 128 donors to contribute $128 each, we aim to raise a total of $16,384 to advance genetic SIDS research. This sum will have a profound impact on our ability to conduct research, support affected families, and ultimately work towards eliminating SIDS.

The significance of the $128 donation amount lies in the fact that River’s life was a precious gift that lasted for exactly 128 days. By matching this number with a monetary value, we hope to symbolize the significance of every day in a child’s life and the potential impact we can make when we come together as a compassionate community.

We invite you to become one of the 128 generous donors who will help us reach our goal before the end of the financial year. Your $128 donation will directly contribute to genetic SIDS research, helping River’s Gift make breakthrough discoveries, raise awareness, and provide vital support to affected families. Together, we can make a difference and honour River’s memory by working towards a world where no family has to endure the loss of a child to SIDS.

In addition to making a donation, we encourage you to spread the word about the “128 for 128” campaign. Share the initiative with your friends, family, and colleagues, urging them to contribute and join the cause. By amplifying our message, we can reach a wider audience, raise more funds, and make an even greater impact in the fight against SIDS.

*Every donation over $2 is tax deductible


July 2, 2023


River’s Gift
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