SIDS Genetic Research in Australia


$100,000 committed to funding 3-year genetic study in Australia.

In July 2019, River’s Gift pledged our funding commitment to the research of Professor Leanne Dibbens at the University of South Australia, in collaboration with Professor Robert Vink and Professor Roger Byard, of the University of Adelaide. To this point in mid-2021, Professor Dibbens has generated a DNA biobank for babies who have died of SIDS, helping find possible genetic causes for this devastating condition.

Professor Dibbens group has a long track record in gene discovery in human disorders and the creation of biobanks and will now use this approach to study genetic implications in SIDS deaths. Her laboratory is using state of the art genomic technologies established in the laboratory to look for causes of SIDS, with the aim of being able to identify and manage babies who are most at risk of a sudden and unexpected death.

“We see that this could form yet another integral piece in helping us understand the reasoning behind the thousands of infants that lose their lives to this tragic syndrome across the globe each year. ”– Karl Waddell, River’s Gift.

The undertaking of this project is so important in helping further build our understanding around genetic implications in some infants, and how this may impact their vulnerability to sudden and unexpected infant death in sleep (including SIDS).

Genetic studies are paramount in science, and River’s Gift see their impact on the world of sudden and unexpected death in infancy (including SIDS) is immense.

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River’s Gift

  • Currently funds world-leading SIDS research, with $100,000 dedicated to a genetic study at The University of South Australia and The University of Adelaide.
  • Provides evidence-based infant safe sleep education for parents, expectant parents, grandparents and health professionals.
  • Provides a platform for SIDS families to honour their child through our supportive ‘Unite’ program.